by Corbin Giroux

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Levi Vandijk This is too good, i don't know what else to say! Favorite track: Clear.
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released February 14, 2015

Vince Soliveri had everything to do with mixing/mastering this EP.



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Corbin Giroux Hamilton, Ontario

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Track Name: Clear
Tell me everything that I've done wrong it's becoming clear to me that loneliness and desperation are in everything I see.
Think of how it feels to feel nothing at all, you'll see it's not the greatest constantly surrounded by these walls.

So call me worthless, I swear to god that some things will never change.
So call me hopeful I've heard it all before, I guess I can't relate to anything anymore

And as I bring myself back to the person that I was last fall it makes me realize that I can finally call myself someone with a purpose and desire to move on.
I went through fucking hell last year but I'm content that it's all gone.

I'm pathetic in everything I do.
Tell me how things worked out for you.
I'll sit here thinking about everything, a small reminder of what could have been.
Because with everything I could have said, I said nothing and just tried to pretend.
I'll never come to terms with the fact that I'm just gunna do this again.
Track Name: Worn
How come everything I ever love or get involved with has a tendency to get ripped away?
It leaves me worn and grieving about everything and nothing that has ever come my way, you know I'd fuck it all up anyway.

Am I too empty for you now? Tear me apart and you'll see just what this means to me.
I'm sorry to let you down, give me a break, I'm empty and can't foresee anything in front of me.

If you could let me say a couple things, I'd just say this is all over my head
Track Name: A Room Full Of People
She said, "don't forget anything that I've said. Keep it buried beneath your chest and just go on with this."

It's hard to come to terms with constantly letting down the ones you care about.
You try your hardest, but everything continues to be a mess, so what's the point of this?

I don't know what this feels like anymore.

I never told you this:
I never felt so alone surrounded by so many people here.
My chances have grown minimal and they're drifting away, but I've finally become accustomed to everything including this.
Track Name: I'm Still The Same Person I Was Last Year
All this time people told me what i needed to know; to get myself right, move on and grow.
But I will always push everything away.
Took it all in but still expected the worst, I guess I'm used to this because this isn't the first time I've become a ghost.

I guess it's not my time, and I'll never get things right, and I'll never say a single thing that's on my mind.
I guess it's just not right for me to get involved with anything anymore.
I guess I'll just be fine.

I've come to terms with how some things will never be.
I've accepted that I can't be the person that some want me to be.
Track Name: I'll Tell You Everything
This time of year I always seem to contradict myself and it's led me to believe that I can help everyone around except for me.

I'll tell you everything that's wrong with myself.

If this is a sign that I'll never fall into anything again then just let it be instead of trying to pretend that I'm fine.
I'm better off just waiting here and not wasting anyone's time again.

It's a damn good thing that no matter what I do I'll always fall into the same routine.
It's no surprise that I'll bore everyone I meet.

Because everything in front of me will always be temporary.

On again I'm feeling broken.